Thursday, May 31, 2007

Demonstration Shopping Cart

Important: This is not a real online shopping site. The items are not for sale, but for demonstration only. You may click on the buttons to see how it works, but please don't complete the final step to finalise the purchase. This post is made to demonstrate my post How to add shopping cart to your blog.

Step Motor
Step Motor

Item: Step Motor
Price: USD999

Assortment of Milling Cutters
Assortment of Milling Cutters

Item: Assortment of milling cutters
Price: USD899


Glamour-dollies said...

can it be set that it does not use paypal to make payment and link to paypal website?

Abid Shahzad said...

Thanks for your article and demonstration of the shopping cart. I have the same, like glamour-dollies.
Can you help us?

Robert Wilson said...

Spent hours trying to locate a way to create the View Cart or Checkout buttons, never found. The code on the Add To Cart buttons are incomplete. Starting to worry about PayPal instead of me.

Rache said...

hi tried this in my blog but the link directs me to paypal website or to my account overview. help

chugie32 said...

very informative... thanks