Tuesday, May 1, 2007

PDF book Blogger Tips and Tricks for sale online

Note: This "experiment" at earning online by selling own product was done with a trial subscription with PayLoadz for downloadable digital products. Before you click on the "Buy now" or any button, please see update at bottom of post.

Now you can read award winning blog Blogger Tips and Tricks offline by buying my PDF book for only $1.99. To buy the book, click the button below:

Blogger Tips and Tricks PDF book

If you want to make a downloadable PDF file of you blog to be sold on line, head over to Convert your blogs into eBooks and sell them online via PayLoadz and find out how you can do it.

Update 25 September 2007: A visitor to this page purchased the PDF file, but complained that he got an "download expired" message. This probably is because the Paypal links and shopping cart was created with a 30 day trial with PayLoadz, a good program for those who have downloadable digital products such as music, video, software, eBook, etc to sell online, and that is probably why he got that "expired downoad message. If you reaally want to get the PDF book, contact me at

instead of using the Paypal "Buy now" button above.

Please note that I will send you the latest PDF version of my high traffic blog and popular blog, but I am using BlogCollector Lite 2.0 (free version) to generate the PDF file (eBook) and that version do not backup all the posts (some posts are empty).

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